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About Us

Our mission is to provide quality holistic healing and metaphysical products for the witchy warrior, rainbow sheep, spooky human, and to anyone seeking tools, support, and comfort on their life journey.

Our Story

I'm Nikki (Owner of Moonlight & Mindfulness) and my husband is Tyler (Vice President of Moonlight & Mindfulness). As funny as it sounds, our entire business began with me leading moon circles right in our tiny apartment living room. I quickly realized just how much I enjoyed being able to help folks understand the current astrological energy, as well as being able to offer them a moment of relaxation through meditation. Growing up witchy and always embracing the metaphysical, something just clicked when I began hosting workshops for people. 


So, from there, Tyler wanted to create items that people could bring with them or utilize during my moon circles. He began wire-wrapping crystal necklaces and making gemstone bracelets. Then, in 2020, we decided to open up our Etsy Shop!


At first, we only offered wire-wrapped crystals necklaces, gemstone bracelets, and some tumbled stones. We soon began exploring our interests, expanding our creations, and really dived into our passions and values. We wanted to provide quality products for witchy needs, holistic healing, and for people embarking on or already well on their spiritual journey. 


After lots of research, as well as facing the trials and tribulations of opening any small business, we now look back on our journey with gratitude in our hearts because it all led us here. We now provide our customers with hand-poured soy wax crystal candles, ethically-sourced crystals, handmade jewelry, homemade organic tea blends, and other products that are created with so much love and care.

Meet The Team

Stores Carrying Our Products

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