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Loving-Kindness Meditation

Send feelings of kindness and warmth toward yourself and others.

  • 30 minutes
  • 15 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Loving Kindness, or Metta Bhavana, Meditation has been used by Buddhists for over 2500 years. It was developed to build feelings of compassion, loving kindness, altruistic joy, and equanimity. It’s a practice not just for loving kindness to oneself, but should be directed out towards every living being, to loved ones, and to those we may be having difficulty with. Hurt people hurt people. This meditation helps transform that and to break generational cycles/curses. This meditation has a number of benefits including boosting empathy and feelings of connection, and reducing bias, anger, and depression and anxiety symptoms. Practicing loving-kindness helps us to be less judgmental and less hateful and allows for more joy, selflessness, and of course, loving-kindness. You'll be guided through this meditation step-by-step. It is currently being offered virtually.

Contact Details

Woburn, MA, USA

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