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Shiva Y.

I am extremely happy to have met Nikki for a tarot reading. She read the cards beautifully and helped deliver some important guidance. Nikki is authentic and in tune...very approachable and well versed in tarot and helping make the divination accessible in the context of my life. Clearly, Nikki is committed to helping clients holistically by also recommending practical exercises to incorporate into daily routine for those interested in working on grounding or improving connection with their inner voice. Highly recommend!


Christine K.

Nikki did a great job of explaining her process and letting me know what to expect. She explained the cards as she pulled them, both the deck meaning, and meanings from her intuition. She made sure to ask if I had any questions. Nikki created a warm and grounded atmosphere. She sent me the cards afterwards, to refer back to if needed. Overall, I am very happy with my experience and would definitely recommend her services for anyone looking for support or guidance.


Vanessa D.

Wow, what a reading. Nikki picked up on things that I haven't told anyone, as well as current dilemmas in my life. Her advice, with direction from the cards, totally changed my perspective and made e view things in a different light. Nikki knows her stuff and she's the real deal!

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Jennifer D.

From the moment I got on the zoom call with Nikki, I knew she was the real deal. Such a sweet energy and immediately I was at ease. She walked me through every aspect and was a delight. Plus - she was spot on with her insight. I highly recommend a session with NIkki!

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Rachel C.

I have been participating in the guided meditations with Nikki for several months and she is truly excellent. Even in just a few minutes she helps me ground, center, and get in touch with my higher self / spirit guides. The insights that I have gained from these sessions have been profound and inspirational. I highly recommend them.

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Shane B.

I joined Nikki's Full Moon Meditation event and I really loved the flow of starting with informing us about the moon and the energy it can illicit, and how our own zodiac signs play into that. Then some fun discussions to get connection and energy flowing with the circle, and to provide perspectives around one's own thoughts and thoughts of those around us. Finally a meditation which helped to look inwards, and some tarot card draws to tie everything even more together! The idea of journaling being introduced l love as a good source of takeaways, so cool!