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What Our Customers Are Saying

"So we just had our first moon circle...all I can say is WOW. Beautiful women, beautiful souls, and beautiful messages. Check out these moon circles at Moonlight and Mindfulness - Nikki is just a beautiful soul and you will learn so much! A perfect mix of learning, being guided, interaction and sisterhood."

Jennifer D. 

Facebook Review of Moon Circle

"I have been participating in the guided meditations with Nikki for several months and she is truly excellent. Even in just a few minutes she helps me ground, center, and get in touch with my higher self / spirit guides. The insights that I have gained from these sessions have been profound and inspirational. I highly recommend them."

Rachel C. 

Website Review of Meditations

"This is, no joke, possibly the best smelling candle I have ever purchased. Everyone in my family likes candles as gifts so I buy them quite often, and this one absolutely blew me away with both the scent and presentation. My mother almost fainted with joy when she saw the brilliant presentation of this candle! Also shipped and arrived very quickly and safely."

Jeanne D.

Etsy Review of our Candles

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