Healthy Banana Bread

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

I've been waiting to bake this again (which I do almost every two weeks) to share it with you all because it is my all-time favorite banana bread recipe, and without any of the guilt! It's hands down THE BEST banana bread recipe and I'm so grateful I stumbled upon it.

We needed a new breakfast item. Tyler and I have to get out the door pretty quick during the week for work, so we needed a grab and go bite to eat - while still being nutritious and filling. He wanted banana bread, but I didn't want the extra calories that bread recipes often have. I did a quick search on Pinterest for healthy banana bread, and at first, didn't find a whole lot. Some recipes didn't sound too appealing, others had pretty terrible reviews, until...I found this little gem from the website Cookie and Kate. It has now become my go-to banana bread recipe.

My all-time favorite banana bread recipe, and without any of the guilt!

This recipe has all I could ever ask for. It's on the lighter side - it's moist and delicious. You can add any extras like walnuts or chocolate chips if you want some crunch. It's a one-bowl, super easy recipe to follow and can be whipped up very quickly - which, let's be honest, those are the BEST kind of recipes for those of us who spend most of our days juggling a million tasks at once, let alone finding the time to bake a loaf of bread!

What we love it: We love everything about this recipe. From it's simplicity (you make it in one bowl!), to how it lasts about a week or so and still remains fresh - it is the perfect healthy banana bread recipe. It also tastes amazing, but is much healthier than a recipe that calls for all-purpose flour, butter, and sugar. Instead, this recipe uses bananas, honey, and whole-wheat flour. It packs all the flavor and moistness, minus the unhealthy stuff!

Modifications: We use two small loaf pans instead of the 9x5 inch loaf pan that the recipe calls for. This is just a preference because we typically bake one loaf for friends and the other we keep for ourselves. I also sometimes add walnuts, but the recipe says you can add chocolate chips or extra banana slices.

Notes for next time: The riper the banana, the stronger banana flavor you will get. I used extremely ripe bananas last time and it may have been a bit overpowering, at least for me. Next time, I'll use slightly browned bananas. I may also try to add chocolate chips next time to see if that adds a new flavor profile and more texture.

Recipe from Cookie and Kate Here

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