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Crumbly Coffee Cake Muffins

I bake so many desserts and often bring them to work, especially as a way to provide treats for our morning meetings. But most of the time, people don't want cookies or cupcakes at 9am. I mean, I personally have never said no to having a cookie for breakfast before, but I understand wanting to save dessert for later in the day. So, I thought, what could pass as breakfast, while still basically be dessert?

Bingo - coffee. cake. And I didn't want just basic coffee cake, I wanted it in muffin form for convenience and more crumbly texture on top. It took me a while to find a recipe that had everything I was looking for - a crumble topping, a moist cake, and an icing to drizzle on top, but then I found this one from a blog called Damn Delicious. This recipe is so perfect, I had to bake these muffins by request for three straight weeks, which I didn't mind because that meant more for us to have too! These are great as a breakfast treat, lunch time snack, and can also be eaten as a nice dessert later on - perfection.

This recipe was so perfect, I had to keeping baking these muffins by request for about three straight weeks.

Why we love it: The recipe was so easy to follow and you could dictate how much crumb topping you wanted on each muffin. We also had left over crumb topping too, which you could add to yogurt or ice cream, or really anything for that matter. The cake is so light and fluffy, and then you get texture from the crumble topping, and it's just perfect. This muffin goes great with a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, but is also a lovely afternoon snack or dessert after dinner.

Modifications: I made the icing, and it's delicious, but the cake is so moist you honestly don't even need it unless you want to add an additional layer of sweetness.

Notes for Next Time: Double the batter to make more!

Recipe From Damn Delicious


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